Yes, it is war!

German and french fans argue grimly about Tokio Hotel!
Now a french fan speak one's mind ...

It was the shocker of the week: 'You lost the second world war - now you're losing Tokio Hotel!' By sayings like these German Tokio-Hotel-Fans in France are offended. Everything just because Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg are at the moment oftener in Paris and Co. than in their country to see! That makes the domestic fans jealous - and led now to a proper war between german and french fans! Travel the Germans their favourite band afterwards, they will be threatened, attacked and battered by french fans!
Now for the first time a french fan announces itself, Manu (20), in BRAVO to word: 'Yes, it's true. Between the Germans and the French is broken out an war about Tokio Hotel! I even saw, how a french fan broken the arm of a german fan at a concert - just because they argued about whom Bill was looking into the eyes!' Beside the palpabilities also rough obscenities occur: 'I was on time insulted as a filthy pig!", says Manu. And further: Some french fans called german girls even Nazis! But only because the german girls believes that Tokio Hotel all belongs to them! How crazy that the girls thinks that!'
Manu tries to stay outside of the fight and finds: 'The fan love should actually connect the countries! But for many girls it isn't the music which they are interested in - they simply want to have sex with Bill and Tom! Therefore the jealousy. Sex concers to the french fans still more - therefore are feeling Tokio Hotel comfortable here. French fans are perhaps more sexier and still more offensive in their fan love!'
So much is certain: Tokio Hotel are in the last weeks suspiciously much in France. Manu: 'Allegedly the boys already visited a flat over the roofs of Paris! Rumour has it, that they will move to France. Because it pleases them in such a way in Paris ...'
11.8.07 15:56

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