Guinness world record for Tokio Hotel


That is fan-action: "Postcards for Tokio Hotel" ! (organizers: FanArt-TEAM Poland



Let's show everyone that we really want to unification of all TH fans! Do you have enough of conflicts between nations? EVERYBODY LOVES THEM THE SAME! Let's do something ALL TOGETHER! Not in all city, not in all country all the world! Let's work together for one action to show boys that their fans can co-operate. We want Tokio Hotel to get into a Guinness book and be in people's memory for ever! We must tell our apologize for all conflicts wich were disapointing for them. Let's beat a record for them!

Now you have chance to join to one an only official , the biggest in history action for TH! YOU'VE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS!

Do you want to show boys how much you like them? Do you want to thanks for their memory about us wherever they are? Now you can! They should know how much fans they have - from different unexpected countries and places!

One and only official action of group FanArt-TEAM Poland! (world's biggest organization in beating records for TH and fans -

We are sending postcards for Tokio Hotel! International action for all TH fans!


It's no matter where you live, in wich city, in wich country, no matter where are you now, at home or on holidays - send a postcard for Tokio Hotel from this place where you are!

If you want to join to our action write a postcard for TH and send it on our FanArt-TEAM's adress:

Agata Sobocińska

ul. Karbowska 15

87-300 Brodnica


(Write a postcard in one of three languages: english, german or polish. In action can took part only postcards - no letters , gifts and packs!)

Our FanClub collect all postcards and make from all of them the biggest gift for TH wich we will give to the boys.

We already informed management of Guinness World Records that we want to beat this record and this action is supervising by them! Let's make everything to beat this record and put Tokio Hotel to Guinness book!

Postcards you can send till the end of December 2007! It must be the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL ACTION of ALL TH FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD regardless of nationality!

But if we want to make it true we must not only sending a cards...Everybody must know about action! Just send information about action to blogs, websites, on ALL INTERNATIONAL MySpace profiles which belongs to TH fans, send it between fans on comunicators , write about it on Forums , FanClubs, write this in comments on sites and send on fans e-mail adresses! AND OF COURSE TRANSLATE THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR COUNTRY'S LANGUAGE for fans who don't know english!

Everyone of you (except a postcard) should consecrate his time to inform other fans and make action popular!For this record we have to work together!

You can send postcards how much you want! If you a real TH fan and you want ALL TH fans unite - you have to join to our action and tell other about it. You can also put our banner on your website.

Remember! If you want to send this message to fans from other countries you can use polish, german, russian and holland versions of this message and the same versions of banners. For the rest of fans you can send this infrormation in english! Translations you can find here:

[Polish version] -

[German version] -

[Russian version] -

[Holland version] -


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