Bill`s answers! 24 questions from fans

They have posted Bill's answers at the official fanclub… boogie

1. What do you do with all the necklaces, rings, bracelets and other presents, you got from fans? Must be difficult for you to know, where to keep?
Yes ;-) it`s true. I have really a lot, but that is very good *grins* I cannot have enough of that stuff! Meanwhile I have a suitcase just for my jewellery. My most favourite stuff is stored in big boxes at home.

2. You are rich, famous, you are successful with your band. Are you happy? Or do you miss something for being happy?
I`m very happy with my life. Of course, there are always things you wish or make you sad! You have that always and everywhere….Sometimes I cannot believe at all, how much luck I had and in such moments I don`t dare to feel unhappy or to claim about something..
But then I do it anyway sometimes ;-) …hehe…No, honestly….I have really a cool life, but if you wanna know, whether I`m still to have (available?);..Yes, I am!!!

3. What do you think, when you read placards like “I want to see your dicks”?
….my big brother will be happy….. lol

4. And another questions, many are terribly interested in: What do you do, when you get a hiccups or forget your lyrics during a concert?
That`s really a good question! I never had a hiccups luckily, but if that should happen, then I let you sing! You always know the lyrics and I can count on you!
I have never forgotten the lyrics. I don`t know why, but when I stay on stage, it comes automatically!

5. How can you deal with being an angel?
…well, you know….Really well! I`m always flying through the city and looking around everywhere! I give away a little luck or shoot love arrows through the area love and when I have time, I go shopping. That is always good, because I can hang the many bags at my wings. You know, eternally wandering through the area by feet is not my thing ….

6. Do you look often in the fanclub? Do you look in the forum at all? What do you think about that, when you read, what kind of ideas the fans have?
Yes, of course, I do! I`m totally fascinated about what the fans think and discuss. Good to know, that you watch at us so exactly;-)
I think it`s great that you accompany us all the way and don`t abandon us.
That is a nice feeling and when I`m alone and don`t know to whom I could go, then I can just look in the fanclub and I know, there are many people with me….

7. I don`t know, whether you realize that….but you are a very fascinating personality, what leads to the fact, that many very different people dream about you, desire you – little and “big” girls, boys at teenage age, adult men and mature women. Do you think about that and if yes, what`s your opinion about that? Are you frightened or do you feel flattered or don`t you care about that?
…..I don`t know….I don`t think about that. I cannot believe all that sometimes!
Wow….if it is that way, it sounds really incredible for me! Of course, I`m very happy, though everything is not really within reach for me!

8. How do you find your character, would you change anything? Where are your strong and weak points?
…yes, yes…. the others would say now, I`m egoistic! But I would not describe me being very egoistic. I admit, I`m not so busy in carrying guitars or suitcases, but apart from that I find, the description doesn`t fit to me. Everybody has a little bid egoism and it`s okay until a certain point. I always believed in me and I always wanted to reach, what I have planned in my head. If something doesn`t go like I had it in my mind, I can become really angry.
But that is exactly my weak point. Compromises are nothing for me! I`m such a perfectionist and that is sometimes really exhausting. I would wish, being a little bit more relaxed sometimes…hmm…but that didn`t work so far. At any rate I`m very determined and abnormal perfectionist and jealous….*g*…

9. Do you really cuddle with Tom? Would you both “cuddle” together with a girl?
hahaha…..well, of course I embrace my brother sometimes like siblings do that.
Actually Tom and me have shared a girl, but not at the same time. First Tom had flirted with her and the next day it was my turn. But that happened just one time!

10. What do you think about fanfictions and topics about an intimate relationship to your brother?
Everybody can have his fantasies….though they are sometimes really absurd….but they do exist for that…..

11. What would you say, if a child would ask you, where babies come from?
…ask my brother, it`s his most favourite topic….. :D

12. Do you believe in supernatural things (Life after death, spiritual healing, and so on)? And what do you think about esotericism in general? Did you have an experience that was “not explainable”?
…..ohh.…I had this question never before! Well, I really believe in such things! I believe, that in life happens so many unexplainable things, that there must be something “supernatural”. I believe strongly in fate and that everything in life is good for something. Nothing in life happens without reason.
Life after death? this exists in my opinion. I can`t imagine, that everything is over….there must be something, whatever it is and how it feels!
I could write complete essays about this topic. At any rate, I believe in supernatural things and life after death strongly…..

13. Have you ever performed a TH-private concert for family or friends?
OMG…sure!! We did that really often! We have even performed at a birthday party of a girl in the living room! That were times…hehe….But at that times our name was Devillish, not Tokio Hotel!

14. What can make you really upset?
I hate unpunctuality so much!!! Further more I don`t like it, when people are sloppy or start thing with not enough seriousness. Like I said before… If I do something, I want it perfect and if somebody destroys that because he was sloppy, then I can be really annoyed!
I have met so many different people and a lot of them were lying! It was always very important for me treating honestly with people! Especially now, when it is very difficult for me to trust in people, honesty is the most important thing for me at all!

15. You have thousands of female fans, who say they are “in love” with you. Do you believe, that this is really love and do you think, these fans care about your music at all?
I don`t know, whether this is really love! That can just everybody for himself answer. The main thing is, you feel well. I know exactly, what a wonderful feeling it is, being in love. I believe, that happens not very often in life and it happened also to me not very often. But I know, that all of these girls also like our music. I`m very sure about that! You don`t have to decide for one thing!

16. What doesn`t you like at girls (character and look)?
I hate unfaithfulness and lying!....and she should have beautiful hands…*grins*

17. Why have you kicked at Tom at the Hannover concert during “In die Nacht”?
Because the idiot never looks at me….I look always to him and he`s always busy with other things…..then he needs a kick sometimes!

18. Do you like more natural girl or girls with a lot of make up?
…You cannot say that in general. That is different for every girl. I think, every girl can be happy, when she don`t need much make up for looking good.

19. How would you prove a girl, that you are in love with her strongly? Do you believe, there could be a situation, in that you would deceive her, though you are in love with her?
I would never deceive my girl friend! That is the worth you could do!

20. Do you plan to change your hairdo soon? If yes, do you have an imagination yet?
I would like to do that, but I wouldn`t reveal that before….it should be a surprise and besides such things happens spontanously to me!

21. Your favourite parfum/deo?
….I don`t use parfum and I change the deos always. I don`t decide on a special one.

22. Can you explain us women, why you guys always make the BCG (balls-control-grab)?
What??...haha…I don`t do that….not in front of you;-)

23. Are you really so well-behaved in connection with sex…or is there a little rebell in you?
…well….I would say…that depends on the girl!

24. What have to give you anybody, who wants permission to make pictures of you in boxer-shorts?
…hehe…will happen…you have seen me already in swimming trunks. That`s enough for the beginning!
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